Deciding Between Real & Toy Puppies

A real bone of contention this one. Before you issue your mirthful giggle and say to yourself; why not, give a dog a bone, just remember it is still a dog’s life. It might not look so to you but a dog’s life can be really hard at times. Even under the correct circumstances, living under the roof of the best pet friendly household, the good old dog still feels as though it’s got its paws full. It feels morally obligated to protect you. And when things are going really swell, it’s got buckets of love for the lot of you. And it’s especially so when you’re feeling down and out. The good old dog remembers. It remembers what life was like for it when you first bought it.

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Back then, the darn old thing was so cute and cuddly and small, so small it could just as well have been a toy doll. You get them. You can get toy akc schnauzer puppies in place of the real thing. And of course, you can get the real snotty nosed little kids too. Sounds so Sherman doesn’t it? But one wonders though. Not a bad idea to be giving a little kid a toy puppy to play with so long. Maybe one day some day when the kid has grown to appreciate the responsibility that goes into looking after a little furry one, and then later, a graying old faithful, you could give the child the real hound, with no warts and all.

It has been a bone of contention among adults in particular. You have to acknowledge that most folks only go so far when it comes to looking after a canine pet. Little do they realize that such dolls need so much more from you.