Gate Openers For Isolated Rural Developments

Rural developments, whether it’s a dairy farm or a new smallholding plot focusing on organic farming methods, tend to be fairly isolated from the mainstream public, and for good reason too. But there are the risks. All rural properties need to be properly guarded, and this is why specially developed and sustainable rural gate openers work so well and are necessary. Let the rest of this short note explore some of the features.

The gate opener is a small and sustainable device that gets hooked to the gate in question. It runs on long-lasting battery power. This is good for those rural developments who are not close to national power grids and have to continuously source their own means of reliable power. The gate opener does not operate by remote in the similar manner you would use when opening your garage door at night in an urban setting.

rural gate openers

Speaking of night, this feature is good for security purposes. The smallholding manager need not get out of his vehicle, late at night, to open the gate. What happens next may surprise you, but then again, sustainability is all about being inventive, is it not. As the vehicle slowly approaches the gate, it gives it a gentle nudge with its front bumper. And as it does that, the gate automatically swings open. And there you go.

The gate is open, and you can drive through. But what then? Do you need to get out and close the gate? No, not at all. The gate opener has its own timer. As the vehicle passes through the gate and drives off, the timing mechanism will prompt the gate to close of its own accord. Timing can be programmed for the purposes of managing and guiding stock through the gates.