What to Do if You See Ants in the House

What do you do if ants are crawling around on the kitchen countertops, in the bathroom sink, or even on the porch outside of the home? It is frightful for any homeowner to see this, but there are a few steps to follow to resolve the problem. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you see ants on your property.

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Don’t Panic

Sure, it’s easy to say don’t panic until you see ants marching by the dozens into your home like a force to reckon with. You want to take quick action and get the ants as far away from you as possible. But, if you panic upon seeing ants, you might find yourself using products or taking measures that only worsen the situation. So, keep calm, no matter how many ants you see.

A Quick Clean

Ants oftentimes come inside when they smell food. And trust us when we say that ants can smell really well. Even the tiniest of crumbs or a spill of a sweet drink of the table can attract ants. So, if you see ants, give the countess a quick clean, sweep and mop the floor, and clean any other areas that might have accumulated crumbs.

Call the Pros

Professional pest control experts offer ant control service atco nj that eliminates this pest from interior and exterior locations. Ant experts have an assortment of treatment options and can provide barriers that stop re-infestation. It is important to phone a professional to arrange ant service.

Ants are a common pest for Atco residents, especially during the summer. If you spy ants on your property, follow the information above to ensure they’re gone just as quickly as they appeared. It’s easy to defeat ants with this information in mind.